LDH icon-Z-Dreames For Children

iCON Z Dreams For Children

A new era, ushered in by a new generation of new talents.
The unprecedented scale of audition in LDH history.

The keywords are “best,” “biggest,” “ultimate” and “Z” in Generation Z. This is the talent discovery & producing project to blaze a new path for the future of entertainment.

This is iCON Z.
Our wish is to help young talents with infinite possibilities make their way to the world.

Our wish is to help dreamers dream and make their dreams come true.

from Tokyo to the whole Asia
and from Asia to the whole world.

The next generation audition project is now beginning from Tokyo.

Message from EXILE HIRO Executive Producer

Last year was LDH's PERFECT YEAR, and we planned to hold an audition of unprecedented scale in LDH history called "LDH PERFECT AUDITION." But, unfortunately, the event was postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. And now, we finally have come back to reopen the audition, retitled as "iCON Z – Dreams For Children."

LDH has brought out a great variety of entertainment to the world under the themes of "LOVE," "DREAM," and "HAPPINESS." As represented by EXILE TRIBE, auditions to discover new talents have always been LDH's cornerstone. Through those auditions, we grew as an organization. I hold a mix of strong emotions to open this audition, and I'm very excited to see it taking a defined shape.

Since 2017, or even before that, as LDH developed into LDH JAPAN, LDH USA, LDH EUROPE, we have been focused on Generation Z (the generation of those born between the late '90s and early 2000s) of in Asia and the whole world. One of our missions is to spread LDH's entertainment to this younger generation worldwide, hence the "Z" in the name of this project.

We believe that this audition represents an opportunity to further globalize LDH. We want to spread this cross-boundary Japanese entertainment, our LDH entertainment, to as many people as possible.

In the past LDH's auditions, I, EXILE HIRO, have personally played an active role in both the process of selection of candidates and then taking a creative initiative to produce our groups. Those auditions brought me the chance to meet many people who are now members of LDH, leading to the EXILE TRIBE of today. In the pursuit of their dreams, each EXILE TRIBE member has experienced so much and grown. Besides their current ventures as a group, they are also starting to pursue their new dreams as individuals.

I take it as my role to take part in their journey towards their dreams, help make these dreams come true, and at the same time encourage LDH’s growth so it doesn’t fall behind the growth of each member.

In this audition, we have active members of EXILE TRIBE as producers and as project leaders. I believe this will lead to the further growth of those members. What I see beyond that is the beginning of a new era for LDH.

In EXILE TRIBE, some members just wish to hone and perfect their artistry while others wish to take on new challenges in a new field besides entertainment. And there are the ones who pursue a career as a producer or project leader to find and open new possibilities in entertainment.

For the first round of the project "iCON Z ~ Dreams For Children ~," Hiroomi Tosaka, SHOKICHI, and AKIRA will respectively participate as representatives of CDL entertainment, KOMA DOGG and EXILE TRIBE.

Tosaka's CDL entertainment resulted from a long-continued discussion between LDH and HYBE to co-produce new talents. Now we set our course on co-producing a new female group with HYBE and Tosaka.

At SHOKICHI's KOMA DOGG, we will seek after male singers and rappers.

With AKIRA, we decided to follow the trajectory of our past auditions and produce a dance and vocal group that will reflect our ideals take on the legacy of EXILE.

At the audition, we will provide myriads of new ideas and different imageries and styles to cause a chemical reaction between my vision and those of Tosaka, SHOKICHI, and AKIRA. Also, depending on the character/style of the candidates, a new surprise producer or another EXILE TRIBE member could take part in the audition.

I want to seek all the possible outlets for those who showcase their talents and prove worthy. We might see an exciting turn of events at the end.

We, EXILE TRIBE, the LDH staff, and, of course, myself, are really looking forward to witnessing the birth of an unprecedented variety of new artists and groups, and to meeting new members on board.

We want LDH fans to enjoy seeing our future potential. And for those who do not know us yet, I guarantee there are lots of exciting events ahead you can enjoy. Wait for it. We will meet your expectations.

You only live once...
Embrace the challenges, come out and give it a try.

RISING SUN TO THE WORLD Ignite Japan. Ignite the world.

With this spirit, I will help the young realize their dreams.

Message from EXILE AKIRA EXILE TRIBE New Group Project Leader

TRIBE and LDH have been great sources of artistic growth and a bridge for young dreamers to reach their dreams.

For us, auditions are a journey to find those who have the potential to be a game changer and are willing to share our dreams and ambitions to open a new era.

Our goal is to build up and pass on "MADE IN LDH,” our unique and inimitable style, so that LDH can expand into the whole of Asia and the world.

I really hope to meet young talents like we’ve never seen before, who will make their way through the coming era. I am ready to give all I've got and venture into the next stage!

Message from EXILE SHOKICHI "New male solo artist" Producer

As LDH itself has always blazed its path with auditions, you might even say that auditions are LDH's culture and therefore vital for us. I would like to take this new audition as an opportunity to take LDH entertainment to the next level and bring our entertainment to the world, together with our future members. My own career started with an audition, so I am more invested in this project than anyone else.

This time I will take the role of a producer, and I, of course, feel the pressure of this responsibility. Still, more than that, I have the passion for pursuing my vision of the new LDH genre I am determined to create through this opportunity. As a producer, I would like to savor this new experience with the coming members and take new steps towards our dreams together.

Just like in the past auditions, I would like to see many young talents taking this opportunity to fight for their dreams. This is the right place where their dreams are encouraged to come true. I particularly want to see many participants with great curiosity towards music. Curiosity is a sacred quality: it's key to rapid growth, and it's what generates the energy to take action and pushes you to your goal. That is why I would like many people who have such love for music to participate.

My wish is to create new entertainment with those who participate in this audition and send Love, Dream, and Happiness all over Japan and to the world. So please look forward to it!

Message from Hiroomi Tosaka "New girl group" Producer

I'm happy to announce the opening of the biggest audition in LDH's history.

I entered an audition and won the place I now stand myself.

Since my debut following the audition, I've collected successful experiences that allowed me to realize my dreams.

This audition is also my dream as much as the contestants'. With the perspectives I established from going through the same competition, I am here to support and produce whoever decides to take on this challenge and emerge as the winner.

It's just like in the lyrics of "R.Y.U.S.E.I." by J SOUL BROTHERS III: "Now is the time to catch my DREAM because you only live once."

I believe this is it. This is "now."

I look forward to meeting new talents fighting for their dreams.



Vocal, Rap, Dance

Eligible applicants

Applicants can be of any gender but must be from 12 to 25 years old.
(those born between April 2nd, 1996 and April 1st, 2009)

  • Open to all nationalities.
  • Applicants must be willing and able to sign an artist management contract if selected.
  • Open to both professionals and amateurs.
  • Applicants who belong to a specific agency, production company or label must apply with approval from such company.
  • Minors need parental consent to apply.

Application Period

From Friday, July 16th, 2021, to Thursday,
August 5th, 2021, at 23:59

By Fall 2021

*Once we determine the entry deadline, you will be informed of the date/time when the result of the first screening is announced.
We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and kindly ask for your understanding.

First Screening Method

Screening of the performance videos submitted through the web entry system.

Please enter the category of your choice from below, fill in each required field and upload your performance video.

  • It is possible to enter multiple categories.
  • If you wish to enter multiple categories, please complete the application for each category.

First screening


  • 1-minute performance of a song of your choice. You can choose whether to sing acapella, karaoke style, or sing your own original song.
  • Please submit a video with your face clearly visible, without wearing a hat, sunglasses, or mask.


  • 1-minute performance of a song of your choice. You can choose whether to sing acapella, karaoke style, or sing your own original song.
  • Please submit a video with your face clearly visible, without wearing a hat, sunglasses, or mask.


  • 1-minute dance performance to a track of your choice.
  • Please submit a video with your face clearly visible, without wearing a hat, sunglasses, or mask.
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